IMAGINE IMPACT: On redefining purpose and impact

How can mavericks lead the way in conversations that matter for our shared future? TEDxSingapore is exploring the notion of ‘impact’. How can we grow a generation of leaders who can look at impact differently?

Grace Sai
How do you imagine impact? Creating impact has defined Grace’s career for the past decade. Grace is a pioneer in social entrepreneurship and impact investing. She is the current founder and CEO of Ravel Innovation, a corporate innovation agency that designs innovation programs for organisations. In this TEDxSingaporeStudio series, she shares her vision of the future of social entrepreneurship and impact.

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Donn Koh

How can good design impact our future? As an industrial designer, Donn imagines better possibilities that can impact our world. He shares some innovative solutions that his team has created during the pandemic. Co-founder and Design Principal of STUCK Design, he shares with us how design can shape, nudge, encourage human interaction in communities and create greater impact.

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