IMAGINE KULTURA: On bridging cultures for the future

Everyone has stories to tell. A person’s stories will define who he or she really is. But beyond the individual, stories – by revealing shared values, dreams and aspirations – can also collectively affirm that the things that bind us are indeed far greater than the things that might divide us. Storytellers then play an invaluable role. They are not only keepers and tellers of tales. They are bridges, connecting us all to common truths and visions, ultimately helping to create culture itself – be it as a community, as a country, as a region, or even as a planet. Storytellers enable the imagining of an inclusive and just culture.

Veejay Villafranca talks about how to tell stories with a camera by sharing his journey in becoming a photojournalist. Through pictures “taken with intent”, he attempts to bring a human face to universal issues like human rights, social justice and climate change.

Leeroy New shares his story as an artist, from his early years just struggling to find spaces to showcase his art, to finding purpose as a cultural advocate by working in public spaces and repurposing discarded objects found within those venues to hone and deepen his craft, and ultimately engage with the people.