IMAGINE-NASI: On inventive solutions for a looming crisis

Most of us know the classic story of The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen: A little girl wandering in bad weather, starving and craving for warmth, only to have her imagination to hold on to. In the face of the global food crisis because of the ongoing climate crisis, we have to rely on our imagination to think about the problem and the solution right now. Bringing the theme Imagine-Nasi, a word play in which roughly translate to imagining rice (imajinasi is Indonesian for imagination and nasi is Indonesian for rice — the staple food of the country), TEDxJakarta tries to highlight meaningful conversation around Indonesia’s looming food crisis, so that in the future no children have to die of starvation like the little girl in the classic story.

Lisa Virgiano is someone who champions Indonesians culinary heritage and indigenous ingredients. KAUM is an upscale chain of restaurants in Hongkong, Bali and Jakarta, known for authentic indonesian food with a modern twist.Her work at KAUM is inspired by the wealth of Indonesian food culture, influenced by 300+ ethnic groups, diverse nature, artisanal ingredients; including almost forgotten indigenous cooking techniques and hidden ingredients. She has developed engaging relationship and collaborations with many indigenous groups in most part of Indonesia – also conducts research in flavors and heritage values. Lisa wishes to ensure that Indonesian food culture and its values is cohesively put in global gastromy map. How can this legacy of local cuisine be passed on for generations to come? 

Dr. Florentinus Gregorius Winarno is widely known as an international standard food & nutrition technology expert, and was the President of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC). Prof. Winarno has been actively writing and publishing books that have become references in the fields of agriculture, food technology, nutrition and biotechnology since he was young. His works has been recgonised locally and is named the Father of Indonesian Food Technology.