IMAGINE NATION: On building a future as a nation

We are now riding on the ripples of transition; longed-held traditions are being challenged with new thoughts as society is pulled into turbulent waters of conflict. Despite differences, diversity in ideas are key to unlocking important conversations that will guide us down the path of resolution.

In this series, we invite you to be a part of a conversation from two speakers with maverick ideas on “space” and “storytelling” and their imagination for the future of our nation.

Space is the final frontier that man can only dream to conquer. Our obsession with space does not only bring us joy but spark answers to questions that we consistently ask about our world. Join us in a conversation with Nattanon Dungsunenarn as we explore how our dream of space pushes us to become better humans on Earth, as well as pushes our society to re-imagine our concept of “nation”. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of SPACETH.CO, a leading creative content publisher about space in Thailand, Nattanon, in his 20’s, has made the distant space relevant to Thai people like never before.

Wattanapume (Best) Laisuwanchai, is a filmmaker and artist known for his creative design and his award-winning documentary “School Town King”. He is also the co-founder of Eyedropper Fill, a Multi Disciplinary design company based in Bangkok specializing in experiential and interactive design. Aside from his passion for storytelling, Wattanapume uses his talents to explore pressing social issues in Thailand such as inequality, education and poverty.In this conversation, Wattanapume shares his perspective on how to use storytelling to change our society for the better.